Election Management & Political Campaign Software

Election Management Software can save time and money when it comes to political campaign management.Political Campaigns are one of the most complex and difficult type of human marketing event.

Polytics team create election campaign management software to make election event easy for politicians, election candidates, Political Consulting Firm and election consultants. Our Election management Software will encourage younger voters to support candidates and help them to win the election.

Software and the willing efforts of our programmers can be a way to hack the political system and make it easier for regular people to negotiate the often election statutes and get elected. It gives you more power.

Being a digital marketing expert and political campaign consultant we know the value of every single vote and campaign management process.

Add-on Services Bundled with Political Campaign Management Software

Polytics team provide additional services that needed to make any political campaign successful in India.

  • Mass Voice Messaging Solution
  • Mass SMS Services
  • Election Management Tools
  • Election Softwares
  • Election Data Management
  • Tools for Political Consultants
  • Softwares for Political Management Teams
  • Cloud Software for Online Election Management
  • Online Voters Attraction Tool

Political Campaign Software & Services are Suitable for all kind of public polls and elections such as MLA Election, MP Election, Election Committee Management, Village Pradhan Election, Zila Panchayat Election.

Our Future Project : Advanced Political Analytics Software

Social Listening for Indian Politicians

Analyse Voters Mind & Act

Listen, understand and react for better leadership decisions. Data is the most honest advisor for leaders & it is unbiased. Data helps understand more about what matters for leaders of today & what need to be leader of tomorrow.

Social Intelligence Assistant for Election Campaign

Already a leader or planning to change the face of politics in india everyone will get unbiased listening & analysis about Voters & Competitors
Advanced Political Campaign Management Software
Advanced Political Campaign Management Software
  • Social Media Listening
  • News & media Listening
  • Analytics based on social /web Talks
  • Media Planning & Buying suggestions etc.